Access to pure and fresh water is the basic necessity of human life. The world’s fresh water resources are under tremendous pressure, and the surface waters are getting polluted at an accelerated pace. Eco Paryavaran with its reliable eco-treat technology is capable of handling the entire spectrum of water treatment ranging from basic¬†pretreatment systems to medium level systems comprising of drinking water systems, utility applications, desalination systems, etc. to high end ultra-pure systems, special applications etc.

Keeping in mind the source of water, end use, and product quality our sustainable cost effective solutions are custom built to suit the exact customer requirements. We continuously keep on innovating and upgrading our quality standards to exceed customer expectations in all spheres of human existence (i.e. industrial, municipal and residential sectors).



Technologies Employed


  • Aeration/ Diffusion (Coarse/ Dissolved Air Flotation/ Induced Gas Flotation)

  • Chemical Dosings (Oxidizing/ Disinfection/ Flocculation/ Process Enhancers)

  • Disinfection (Ultra Violet Systems/ Ozonators/ Gas isinfectors)

  • Media Filtration (Sand Filters/ Carbon Filters/ Iron Removal Filters/Dual Media Filters)

  • Micro Filtration (Coarse/ Fine)

  • Fine Pore Filtration (Ultra Filtration/ Nano Filtration)

  • Reverse Osmosis (Single Stage/ Multi Stage)

  • Ion Exchange (Dealkalizers/ Softeners/ Demineralization Plants/Mixed Bed)

  • Deionization (Electro Deionization/ Fractional Electro¬†Deionization)

  • Special Technologies (Mineral Water/ WFI/ Heavy Metal Removal/Ultra-Pure Applications, etc.)

Advantages / Key Features


  • Cost effective high performing systems.

  • End to End water solutions

  • One stop solution for all water needs

  • Minimum downtime

  • Extensive service and support network all over the country

  • Simplified operation with minimal breakdowns

  • Guaranteed commitments -water quality and quantity





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